Welcome to Family and Kids Magazine’s featured articles. These posts are written by parents, for parents. Our informational content covers a wide array of topics for your family’s needs. Topics include:

Fun & Activities– It can be hard to constantly come up with new recipes, crafts, games and other kid appropriate activities. So we’re here to help. These features are meant to keep your children busy and not break your wallet.

Development & Education– Children develop and hit milestones at all different rates. Sometimes there can be a delay in their progression. Stories under this category cover your child’s development and offer tips to help your child grow and advance.

Health & Wellness-This category gives informational advice on common diseases and illnesses. It also offers tips to keep your body and mind happy and healthy.

Home & Lifestyle– Yes, we’re all parents, but our magazine focuses on families. So, we’re providing tips on marriage and how to keep your whole household happy and functional.

Nutrition & Fitness– Find diets and work outs that meet your fitness goals. Also, learn tips to manage work outs and diets during your busy lifestyle.

Parenting & Behavior– When you’re in the midst of a parenting struggle, it can be hard to know where to start to eliminate or handle an issue. We’re here to help. In this category, we address common behavioral struggles in children and pre-teens.

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