Highlight on Feeding the Valley Food Bank

Highlight on Feeding the Valley Food Bank

For 38 years, Feeding the Valley Food Bank has served families in need in the Chattahoochee Valley region. The need for nutritional assistance is not limited to the holiday season and Feeding the Valley Food Bank works year-round to help families in an 18-county region. In the last fiscal year, Feeding the Valley Food Bank distributed over 13 million pounds of food within the organization’s service area.

Feeding the Valley Food Bank relies on both food donations and monetary donations to assist those in need. Food donations, that are not in glass containers, can be dropped off at Feeding the Valley Food Bank’s central warehouse at 6744 Flat Rock Road in Midland, GA.

Some of the most needed items include canned tuna, canned meats, pasta, peanut butter and evaporated milk. A complete list of the most needed items can be found on the organization’s website at feedingthevalley.com. If you can’t drop off food items, cash donations can be made through their website too.

If you are interested in hosting a food drive at your church or your child’s school, a form to request food drive collection barrels is available on the website.

Carleen Frokjer, of Feeding the Valley Food Bank, says, “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we are distributing 52% more food to families – many who have never needed assistance from us before. We live in the wealthiest country in the world with an abundance of food – there is no reason for anyone to be hungry. It is our job to help put food on the tables of families in need. It’s one less burden for them and gives them hope.”

The organization collaborates with partner agencies to distribute food throughout the community. Food is also distributed directly to the community from the organization’s warehouse through several programs, including a Mobile Pantry program, a Buddy Pack program that provides food for kids on the weekend and a Kids’ Café program that provides food at afterschool programs.