Project Linus, Giving Comfort Through Blankets

Project Linus, Giving Comfort Through Blankets

If you enjoy crafting, the Columbus chapter of Project Linus has a volunteer opportunity for you. Project Linus is a non-profit organization that, as the name suggests, seeks to provide comfort to kids in need by giving them gifts of donated handcrafted blankets and afghans. In the past seven years, the Columbus chapter of Project Linus has delivered over 6,000 blankets to kids in the Chattahoochee Valley area. The organization delivers blankets to Damascus Way, Twin Cedars, Russell County Child Advocacy Center, Piedmont Regional NICU and the Piedmont Regional children’s department.

The Columbus chapter of Project Linus is planning to expand its outreach to other agencies in the Chattahoochee Valley area and to increase the number of blankets delivered to hospitals. However, to make this possible, the organization needs more volunteers to handcraft blankets. Project Linus volunteers create blankets and afghans at home and take them to the drop-off location at Joann Fabrics in Columbus or to the monthly meeting of the Columbus chapter of Project Linus.

The monthly meeting takes place on the second Saturday of each month at the Gallop Center at 1212 15th Street at 10:30am. This meeting is also a good opportunity for volunteers to swap new blanket design ideas.

Sewn, knitted, crocheted, quilted and no-sew fleece tied style blankets are accepted. All sizes of blankets are needed, though it is best if the blanket at least measures 36 inches by 36 inches. Project Linus serves kids from birth to 18 years so there is an opportunity for volunteers to create a variety of styles of blankets for different age groups.

This volunteer opportunity is perfect for older kids and teens who enjoy crafting, and even younger kids can help pick out blanket designs or help tie a no-sew blanket.

More info about the Project Linus organization can be found at and on the Project Linus – Columbus, GA Chapter Facebook page.