Highlight on Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science

Highlight on Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science

The Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science, located at 10107 Veterans Parkway in Midland, is a private Christian school for boys, founded in 2016. The school’s certified teachers provide instruction for boys in grades K through 3rd grade, and plans are in place to accept students from one new grade level a year until the school serves students up to 8th grade. Administrators are also currently working towards becoming the first STEM certified school in Columbus.

Founded to create a learning environment where boys can excel

Research studies show that boys learn differently than girls. The school administrators have created a learning approach that utilizes the teaching methods proven by research to help boys excel in their studies. The curriculum is STEM-based and involves a project-based, integrated approach to learning that is individualized for each student. The projects allow students to apply skills they are learning in multiple areas to real-world situations.

STEM program lays the foundation for future success in STEM careers

The hands-on activities in the school’s STEM program include learning programming languages by developing video games, participating in robotics projects and a discovery lab. The robotics projects use physical manipulatives to teach students robotics fundamentals and help them learn the start-to-finish process of building robots. In the discovery lab, students perform experiments that explore the in-depth science and math concepts they are learning. The school’s outdoor learning center allows students to expand their exploration into the outdoors and investigate natural elements such as plants and rocks.

The literacy program instills a love of reading and writing

Literacy is one of the key focal points of the school’s curriculum. The ‘Six Steps to Reading Phonics’ model is used to help their students develop excellent reading and writing skills. The teachers fill the classrooms with literacy development materials that reinforce reading and writing skills, and literacy instruction is integrated into all curriculum areas.

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