Enrolling in GA Pre-K

Enrolling in GA Pre-K

Although the 2020 school year seems awhile away, local schools are preparing their open enrollment for GA Pre-K. The Pre-K program is unique to our state and has many other states curiously watching to see the positive effects it has on Georgia students. Georgia is the first state to offer Pre-K to all children, not only those in certain income brackets. The Georgia Pre-K program is funded by the Georgia State Lottery and has no effect on taxpayers, likewise, local taxes have no effect on GA Pre-K funding. This may be the first you’re hearing of this educational program. If so, we’ve got the answers to your most FAQs:

Who is eligible for Pre-K?

If your child is a Georgia resident and will be 4 by September 1, they’re eligible for GA Pre-K. However, the program is limited to its availability, and many schools enroll based on a lottery system. So, even if you sign up for a Muscogee County School District Pre-K program, you may want to enroll at other area schools, just to be sure a spot is secured.

Where is GA Pre-K offered?

Muscogee County School District offers Pre-K at 15 elementary schools, plus there are local daycares that also offer it, such as locations of The Growing Room and Childcare Network. To find out where GA Pre-K is offered and the quality rating for each facility, visit qualityrated.org.

When is Pre-K?

Pre-K mimics the same hours as a regular school day, 8AM-2:30PM. The Pre-K schedule also follows the same school year and holiday schedule as the local school district. It’s important to know attendance is mandatory for GA Pre-K. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness can result in removal from the program.

What will my child learn in Pre-K?

The program includes many educational initiatives to help prepare your child to begin Kindergarten with regard to site recognition, phonics and mathematics. But GA Pre-K also focuses on more than just academics. It prepares your child for in-school etiquette. Remember, if your child has never been in a classroom environment, learning the simplest tasks like sitting quietly in a circle will be an undertaking. GA Pre-K also focuses on the social skills your child needs to properly interact with peers in the classroom. Although your child may play well with their friends, it’s important your child learns how to manage relationships with a variety of children in a large classroom setting.

Why should I enroll my child? 

Many studies have shown students who participated in GA Pre-K have higher test scores than those who did not. GA Pre-K not only helps prepare your child for kindergarten; it also gives your child the opportunity to interact socially with peers. If your child is used to a home setting versus a classroom or daycare environment, GA Pre-K will help to make the transition to a classroom a little easier for your child. Plus, GA Pre-K is paid for by the Georgia State Lottery, so it’s a safe, free environment for your child to learn and grow.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in Georgia Pre-K, open enrollment usually occurs at the beginning of March. It is important to contact your prospective schools now to take a tour and find out individual requirements and deadlines.

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