Outdoor Spring Activities at Oxbow Meadows

Outdoor Spring Activities at Oxbow Meadows

At the southern end of the Columbus RiverWalk, Oxbow Meadows offers a view of the ecoregion of West Central Georgia and the Chattahoochee Valley and provides access to samples of the area’s rich communities of plants and animals. Opened in 1995 as a collaboration among Columbus Water Works, Columbus State University, and the City of Columbus, the Center provides exhibits, displays and nature trails, and also offers formal and informal programs about the ecology and natural history of the region. Interpretive and hands-on programming is provided by Columbus State University professional staff. We are excited to resume our in-person programming and invite the community to a fun and educational experience for all ages!

2021 Spring Schedule



Ages 2-5
Wednesdays from 10am-12pm
$5 per child, per session (pre-registration required)

Daily Schedule:
10-10:30am Check-in
10:30-11:30am Program
11:30-12:00pm Tour of Center
12pm Departure Time*

March 31 – The Shape of a Grape
“There are lots of shapes on your plate! What shape is a grape or watermelon? We will look at shapes as we sort fruits and vegetables, and make our own craft “diet” for an animal.”

April 7 – Frogs in the Bog
“Frogs on logs in the bog are waiting for you to hop on over to explore. We will learn about frog babies and look for some in the pond after making our own fun froggy masks.”

April 14 – Bees, Beetles, and Bugs!
“Buzz on over to Oxbow to investigate some of our resident buggy friends and go on an exploration looking for some bugs found in the wild.”

April 21
“Let’s stomp and chomp our wiggles out as we see how we measure up to some dinosaurs and hunt for eggs left behind. Can you dig it?”

April 28 – Tail Tales
“Some animals have tails and some just have tales. We will find out how different tails look and how they are used by a variety of animals.”


Ages 6-10

Thursdays from 10am-12pm
$7 per child, per session (pre-registration required)

10:00am-10:15am Check-in
10:15am-11:45am Program
11:45am-12:00pm Tour of Center
12:00pm Departure Time*

March 25 – Water, Water, Everywhere
“We will investigate the properties of water, discuss some threats or pollutants, and focus on how it is important to sustain life. We will test water quality from water sources around the Center and even one of our aquarium tanks!”

April 1 – Backyard Birds
“Learn about the local diversity of birds while exploring a range of habitats using binoculars as tools. We will hike to a hidden viewpoint to search for waterfowl like ducks, egrets, and herons. As citizen scientists, we will record and analyze our findings for use by professional ornithologists, or bird scientists.”

April 8 – STEM Challenge
“Students will learn about exhibit design and be introduced to the engineering process as they plan, build, and create their own model prosthetic for an animal. We will use our creativity to reimagine some of our favorite Oxbow exhibits before completing an egg-cellent classroom challenge.”

April 15 – Incredible Insects
“Investigate the world’s largest animal group by determining what makes an invertebrate an insect, solve the mystery of “Insect or Imposter,” discuss why insects are important in their ecosystems, go on a “Bug Hunt” for critters, and meet an animal that eats insects.”

April 22 – Signs of Wildlife
“Does a dead tree show any signs of life? We will explore evidence of wildlife left behind, including tracks, scat, and seeds. We will solve a mystery and learn how scientists track animals in the wild for conservation and research.”

April 29  – Web of Life
“From food chains to food webs, we will get tangled in the relationships of flora and fauna. We will focus on animal diets and different types of eaters, and explore the connection between predators and prey, and even learn about a few animals that have relationships that benefit both species in question.”


$5 per child*, pre session (pre-registration required)

Each program will first include 30-minutes for families to tour the inside of the building and to sign program waivers. Tickets must be purchased in advance on our website at: https://bit.ly/3ck0UEj Prices will vary depending on the participant and program type. All participants must first check-in at the front desk upon arrival. All program activities will take place outside, so please come prepared for the weather. In the event of inclement weather, programs will be modified for an indoor location, which will enforce social distancing. All programs, both outside and inside will enforce social distancing of non-family units. At the end of the program, groups will not be able to re-enter the building to tour again, due to Covid-19 policy.

March 20

9:30-11:00am Froggy Fun
“We will get moving, grooving and goo-ey as we explore our fantastic froggy friends.”

11-12:30pm Wetland Walk
“Take a wild walk on the Wetland Trail with an Oxbow naturalist as we listen for frog calls and other signs of pond life.”

2-3:30pm Hop to it!
“We will celebrate World Frog Day as we leap into the amazing world of amphibians. Meet a few of Oxbow’s resident frogs and search for tadpoles that will transform into frogs!”

March 27

9:30-11:00am We All Need Seeds
“We will explore a variety of flower and vegetable seeds of different shapes and sizes and then go for a scavenger hunt looking for wild seeds and blooming flowers.”

11-12:30pm Vegetable Vores!
“We will plant our own vegetable seeds and meet some animals that may enjoy eating vegetables, just like us!”

2-3:30pm Animal Ambassadors Show* ($5 per person)
“Meet some of Oxbow’s resident reptile ambassadors up close and personal as we learn about some of their unique adaptations!”

April 3
9:30-11:00am Mad Science Show
“Have your mind blown with one of Oxbow’s spectacular scientists and even take an experiment home!”

April 10
9:30-11:00am Eggs-plorers
“We will talk about animals that lay eggs and how their eggs are similar and different. Then we will go on an “egg hunt” and hatch a mystery animal!”

11-12:30pm Rabbit or Ribbit
“Hop on over to learn about these springtime creatures! From rabbits hopping through the meadow to frogs chirping in the pond, we will explore our native forest friends in this spring-themed program.”

2-3:30pm Scrambled, Poached, & Dyed
“We will tie dye a bandana to take home and then do a competition to try to keep an egg from cracking!”

April 17 & 24th – No programs


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