2019 Gift Guide

2019 Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for the special person in your life isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, we have that one special recipient we just can’t check off our list. What do you get for the person who wants for nothing? You get them something they never knew would improve their everyday life! Check out some of our favorite gift options for the 2019 holiday season:

For the person in need of time:

Home Chef: Save the hassle of meal planning with a subscription to Home Chef. A week or a year, if your recipient needs time, they will appreciate dinner being checked off the list.

Robot Vacuum: Not only do robot vacuums save cleaning time, they also provide a more cleanly home, able to sweep, mop or vacuum daily. Your recipient’s floors will be spotless with this gift.

Instant Pot: Cook chicken breasts in 7 minutes with an Instant Pot! This gadget saves time and allows for whole new dinner opportunities.

For those who need to relax:

Weighted Blanket: A weighted blanket provides a deep pressure touch, promoting relaxation. It’s like a hug that lasts for hours. Encourage your recipient to use this blanket for a cozier rest.

Oil Diffuser: Aromatherapy is useful for a lot of people and so are essential oils. Present your recipient with the gift of aroused senses with an oil diffuser. Lavender and Ylang Ylang are two options for relaxing aromas.

Jade Roller: A jade roller is a mini paint roller for the face! It increases blood flow beneath the skin, creating a beautiful glow. Consider it a daily, mini facial massage for more beautiful skin and relaxed face.

For those that love gifts:

Subscription boxes offer long-lasting gifts, with a little surprised delivered to the door each month.

Fruit of the Month Harry & David: Give your special recipient the freshest, most exotic fruit with a membership to Harry & David’s Fruit of the Month Club. This is truly a gift for the person who wants for nothing.

Owl Crate: Each month your recipient will receive a newly published young adult novel, an exclusive item from the publisher or author that includes a handwritten letter from the author, and a Bookish keepsake from a small business.

Kiwi Co.: Kiwi co. is the perfect gift for the crafty child or teen engineer. They offer a wide range of boxes based on your recipient’s interests and age to create, build and design. It’s highly customizable and everything needed is included in a cute, little crate. Send your teen a kit to build an electric pencil sharpener, or your toddler a box for creating a fishing game.

For the Gadget Lover:

Echo Dot: Who’s this lady you keep hearing about, Alexa? Well, she lives inside an Echo Dot and can turn on your lights, tv or beatbox. She also offers games like Name That Tune, can give answers to hard questions, tells jokes and keeps lists. If a Smart Home isn’t your recipient’s forte, Alexa makes a great Bluetooth speaker as well.

Smartphone Camera Lens Set: If your friend is always ready to take a photo, a phone lens set may be the perfect gift. It offers a lens for macro photos (close up, detailed), wide-angled images, and more. It’s also very compact for everyday use.

Bluetooth Hat: With this gift, your recipient can keep warm while listening to their favorite tunes in their bundled up ears. The knit beanie offers volume and music controls sewn right into the hat.

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