Tips for Virtual Learning

Tips for Virtual Learning

Adjusting to virtual learning can be a challenging experience for some students and their parents. Here are some common issues experienced by students with some tips on how to overcome them.

Struggling with time management

Many students enrolled in virtual schooling struggle with time management. They may find it hard to stay focused on the online lessons and homework, making it necessary for parents to constantly monitor their students to ensure work is being completed.  To overcome this challenge, create a daily routine and structure for your child. Establish a schoolwork area that is separate from your child’s play area and minimize distractions. Include breaks for exercise and schedule time away from the computer screen to complete any assigned hands-on activities. Teach your child to mark assignments and due dates on a calendar.

Feeling isolated

Younger students need social interaction to develop social skills. Middle school and high school students may feel anxious about maintaining their close network of friends and miss the daily support of their peer network. Encourage your student to participate in any online small study groups his teacher has set up for students. Help younger kids attend any weekly video conferencing appointments with their teachers. Ensure older kids mark video conferencing meetings with teachers on their calendars so they do not forget to attend. Outside of school hours, help your virtual student stay connected to friends by setting up socially-distanced playdates outdoors and signing him up for extracurricular activities.

Struggling with online platforms 

Adjusting to a virtual learning environment can be difficult, especially for kids with special needs. If your child struggles with the online learning platform being used, contact his teacher for help right away. Your child’s teacher can help you set up any assistive technology, such as voice to text, on your child’s laptop and provide suggestions for overcoming any learning barriers your student encounters. If your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), ask to meet with the IEP team to update his plan with any accommodations necessary for
virtual schooling.