Start Them Reading At Birth

By: Lani Kimbrough, Chattahoochee Valley Libraries

The path to building a lifelong reader starts at birth. Reading with young babies plays an important part in their language development.  Plus, snuggling up with a book can also be relaxing for both you and your baby. Having your baby hear your voice while being held closely reassures them that they are safe and secure. Reading with your baby is also a good excuse to take a break from some of the more stressful demands of your day.  Here are a few great books for babies available at Chattahoochee Valley Libraries:

Newborns (0-3 months) need high contrast books for their developing brain and eyesight.

Look Look! by Peter Linethal: High-contrast black-and-white art for babies who are beginning to look and learn.

White on Black by Tana Hoban: White illustrations against a black background depict such objects as a horse, baby bottle, and sailboat.

Infants (4-6 months) will enjoy tactile books that encourage them to touch and feel

Peek-A-Who by Nina Laden: Look through die-cut pages for a visual clue to complete a game of peek-a-boo.

That’s not my Pirate By Fiona Watts: The bright pictures, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness.

Rhyming Books help babies 6-12 months develop language, memory and pre-reading skills

Baby Cakes! By Karma Wilson: Presents a children’s board book that features a bedtime nursery rhyme.

Tickle, Tickle by Helen Oxenbury: Large colorful illustrations and simple, rhyming text depict a group of babies at playtime, bath time and bedtime.