Kids Subscription Box Reviews

Kids Subscription Box Reviews

By Maria Phillips, Family & Kids Magazine

Literati (

In each box, you receive five age-appropriate books,

cardstock printed art and adorable book labels with your child’s name. Since the library closed during the pandemic, having new books delivered to our doorstep was a great treat. You can buy the books you love and return the ones you don’t.

Cost: $9.95 per month + the cost of books

Kiwi Co (

They have project crates based on your child’s age and

interests. In addition to craft crates, they also offer “tinker” STEM crates and art design crates. The best part, these crates are even available for adults! Personally, for my four-year-old, I love that the crates are interesting enough to keep his attention and easy enough to create a nice memento. Cost: $19.95 per month

Raddish (

This recipe subscription box comes with beautifully

illustrated and laminated recipe cards, a utensil for cooking, crafts to go with your themed meal night and tableside conversation starters. Plus, Raddish Kids sends your grocery list before the box is delivered, so you’re prepared for your child’s meal night!  Cost: $24 per month 

Sensory Theraplay (

This box is specially designed with sensory needs in mind. The items are favorites in the “therapy world,” “tried and true” goodies used by parents for sensory needs or everyday toys that aren’t geared toward special needs children but have developmental and sensory benefits. Most importantly, these are fun toys!  Cost: $39.95