Ways Kids Can Earn Summer Cash

Ways Kids Can Earn Summer Cash

An important aspect of helping kids develop into responsible adults is teaching them the value and rewards of hard work and earning their own money. Through this they gain self-esteem, come to understand the real value of a dollar, and become more responsible in the way they spend money. Here’s a few ways tweens can cash-in this summer.

The grass is always greener – What better way for kids to soak up the sun, get fit, and make spare cash all at once than mowing lawns?

Young entrepreneur – Kids can make the most of neighbors’ garage sales by setting up a refreshment stand in your own front yard.

Too old for toys and games? – If so, have your kid clean out those they’ve outgrown and hold a sale.

Kiddie care – Is your child old enough to stay home alone? If so, maybe your kid is ready to babysit for other children.

A little dirt never hurt – Garage cleaning is a big chore, especially for the elderly, or anyone who just doesn’t have the time. So have your kid offer services to relatives and neighbors.

Fence finishing – Wood fencing requires ongoing maintenance. Suggest your child offer to assist neighbors by painting or staining their fences.

Window washing – Having your kid offer their services for this dreaded task is sure to be a success.

Life’s a zoo –Pet owners who don’t like to kennel their pets are often in a dilemma at vacation time. So have your child pass out fliers offering to pet sit.

Weeds away – Are weeds taking over your neighbors’ flowerbeds? Then have your kid offer to get them back into shape.

Dollars for duds– Has your kid hit another growth spurt? Have them consign their clothing and split the profits with you.

Help the elderly – Are there handicapped, disabled or elderly persons in your neighborhood? Have your kid offer to run errands for them or assist them with simple tasks.

Who’s walking who? – If your kid is looking for a new summer pal, why not make it man’s best friend? Have your child pass out fliers to offer pet walking services.

Make it shine – Have your child round up some friends for some cool, wet fun and hold a car wash in your driveway or a parking lot with permission from the property owner.

A volunteer vacation – Summer camps are always in need of volunteers. So have your teen contact those they’d like to attend, and ask how they can take part.

Old McDonald had a farm – You don’t have to be raised on a farm to make a good farmhand. Have your kid visit area farms and offer their help.

At your service – Have your kid offer home cleaning services to your neighbors.

Daycare duty – Does your tween or teen love little kids? Have them contact daycare centers and in-home providers to find out if they need a young assistant.

Pool patrol – If your neighbors have pools, have your child offer to clean debris from the water and empty the skimmers.