Give Dad a Memorable Day

Give Dad a Memorable Day

Make “memory days” with dad this Father’s Day!  A lot of dads work in a secluded office or by the calluses of their hands. Take an adventure with him this year. Get out in the warm sun or under twilight stars. Dads teach and give advice by the sweat of their brow, so do an activity with them that is “soul relaxing.” Here are some fun ideas!

Camp in the backyard – Make putting up the tent a fun competition. See how fast you can set it up and the winner gets a prize.  Grab sleeping bags or blankets and pillows. Play some board games under a lantern. Make sure to turn off cell phones and turn on laughter and conversations.

Let’s Go fishing – Classic fishing is a bonding experience. The peacefulness of the atmosphere and the calming water will ripple with love. Don’t have fishing poles? Look up how to make one and make a fishing rod

Go on a hike/ walk – Trek the trails while holding daddy’s hand. Don’t have nature walks nearby? Stroll down the sidewalk. Talk about vacation memories or point out pretty flowers. Swirl and twirl amongst the fresh air. Dad will be refreshed and rejuvenated.

Take a weekend trip – Get out of town for a short weekend to the beach or lake. Old-fashioned swimming will with the splashing of children will make daddy giggle. Dad will forget about the office and soak up some Vitamin D. Play catch on the beach and sew a bond like the stitches in the football.

This Father’s Day…camp, fish, hike, or take a trip that dad will never forget!