Vita-Fuse Comes to Columbus, GA

Albany doctor, Alan Medley is bringing a boost to the Columbus, GA area, a VitaBoost. Vita-Fuse, an at-home IV hydration service, provides the same vitamins and nutrients you can pick up at the store but is faster and more effective. The science is simple. When you take medication or a vitamin orally, you’re said to only receive 20% absorption, even less for chronically ill patients. When you receive an IV infusion, you’re able to get nearly 100% of the same nutrients delivered to your cells for uptake.

“We don’t eat the way our ancestors ate.” Dr. Medley admits, “All our foods are processed and most of our nutrients are cooked out. I wish I could say we have a chance to eat a nice, healthy home-cooked meal every day but we don’t.” Dr. Medley and his wife use VitaBoost on a regular basis. It’s infused with B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, vitamin C, glutathione, calcium and magnesium. These treatments are administered by board-certified, registered nurses, most with an emergent care background, in your own home under the guidance of Dr. Medley and his colleague, Dr. Azer. The nurses bring everything needed and most treatments take less than an hour.

Vita-Fuse also offers packages for those less than 100% moments in your life such as PMS, morning sickness, jet lag, cold, flu, stomach bug, migraines, hangover or anxiety. “We only need 2 hours notice.” Dr. Medley explains. “Wake up at 8am feeling sick, we’re there by 10am and you’re feeling much better by 10:45.” During flu season, there’s an increase in the demand for the VitaRevive treatment. This package includes numerous vitamins but also adds prescription strength Zofran, an anti-nausea medication, and Toradol, an anti-inflammatory. “We’re using the same protocols and treatments as the emergency room. We’re just doing it much cheaper and in a much more convenient location, your recliner.” The next time you’re sick, skip the four-hour ER wait, the hefty co-pays, and the exposure to other sick individuals, and give Vita-Fuse a call.

For those interested in looking their best, and who isn’t? Dr. Medley recommends their VitaBeauty treatment. Vita-Fuse designed this infusion to give skin a healthy, more youthful glow. This treatment contains a specific blend of vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy collagen, which is a proven foundation for radiant skin. Dr. Medley shared, “While it is said that beauty is only skin deep, truly beautiful skin comes from superior nutrition within. So many waste their money on creams and lotions that only touch the surface. They should invest in VitaBeauty infusions to get a total skin rejuvenation.”

Appointments can be scheduled at“Family & Kids” readers will get 20% off their first treatment until November 30 with the code FAMILY20.

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