Business Highlight: Magnolia Heart Nanny Services

Photo from Parents’ Night Out

Life is busy.  As parents, we juggle our careers,  relationships,  our children ’s schooling, extra-curricular activities and more.  Often times our responsibilities exceed our physical availability and we need some help.  Nicole  Wrice, owner of Magnolia  Heart  Nannies,  experienced  feeling overwhelmed herself.    She  sought help but finding a nanny to accommodate her daughter,  who has seizures,  ADHD, and mild retardation, brought upon some obstacles.  “When  I’d try to hire a nanny,  I  was often told,  ‘Oh  I do n’t know how to work with special needs kids.  I  don’t  know  how  to  give  medications.’  I  met  a lot of other families having issues with  caretakers  who  couldn’t  do  simple  things  like  inhalers,  etc.  People  were  frustrated  with the struggle to  find  a  nanny  for  special  needs,”  Nicole  explains.  As  a  result,  Nicole  founded  Magnolia  Heart  Nanny  Services.  Magnolia  Heart  offers  different  nanny  packages  to  accommodate  a  family’s  needs  from  full-time  or  live-in  nannies  to  part-time  babysitters.  Employees  are  required  to  take  courses  in  Autism,  ADHD,  Down  Syndrome  and  inhaler  usage.  Each  nanny  also  completes  a  background  check  and  is  CPR  certified.  “Our  goal  is  to  make  our  employees  familiar,  comfortable  and  competent,”  Nicole  says.  MH  also  offers  caretakers  for  seniors,  event  nannies, mom ’s morning out  and  date  night  events.    “If  you  need  us,  we’re  there,”  Nicole  assures.

Nannies  are also scheduled  for  the  unexpected,  like  a  special  delivery.  “We  had  a  mom  schedule  us  for  the  arrival  of  her  new  baby.  I  had  a  nanny  on  standby  to  stay  with  the  sibling.  It  brings  peace  of  mind.”  She  explains.  Magnolia  Heart  Nannies  strives  to  break  away  from  the  typical  expectations  of  a  nanny  and  strives  to  make  life  a  little  less  hectic.

Learn more about Magnolia Heart Nanny Services Below. Plus! Mention Family & Kids Magazine when enrolling for Mother’s Morning Out or Parents’ Night Out and receive $5 off your childcare! 

Mother’s Morning Out
Need a break? On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30AM-12:30PM MHN offers a drop-in care service for your child. Breakfast and snacks are served, children will sing, dance and play with other kids the same age. Mother’s Morning Out is $40 per child per day, no enrollment fees or commitment involved.

Parents’ Night Out
Finding a babysitter isn’t always easy. Finding a babysitter you can trust is even harder. The nannies at Magnolia Heart are certified to care for your children in a safe environment. Dinner is served and snacks are provided in this peanut-free facility. Children will play games, enjoy karaoke and engage with other children the same age. Face and nail painting plus bounce house fun is also included on some evenings! Offered on selected Fridays, Parents’ Night Out runs from 6:30PM-10:30PM and is $35 per child (that’s less than $9 an hour and includes dinner!). MHN’s next Parents’ Night Out is September 14th.

Check out our live Facebook video to see all the fun your child will have at Parents’ Night Out!

Event Nanny
Planning a wedding or another adult gathering? Do you have a lot of guests with children? MHN brings the party and childcare during your event. Balloon animals, a bounce house and more–your nanny event will be a hit.

Need a babysitter at the most unexpected of times? Enroll your family in MHN Service and have a babysitter available whenever you need!

Traditional Nanny Service
If you’re in search of a typical day-to-day nanny, MHN has you covered! Leave the hiring to the professionals. They will find a nanny that meets your specific needs, train your nannies, and provide any support you need when adding a nanny to your family dynamics. Plus, if your nanny is ill or you need another nanny for your family, MHN has you covered to smoothly transition. MHN also offers a discount for military families on nanny services!

If you’re interested  in  Magnolia  Heart  Nannies services,  visit their website at  or find them on  Facebook. Call 1-800-460-9201.

Mention Family & Kids Magazine when enrolling for Mother’s Morning Out or Parents’ Night Out and receive $5 off your childcare!