10 Things That Make Me Cringe around Halloween

Since becoming a Mom, Halloween has taken on a completely new role for me. Now, instead of “pinning” the most gruesome makeup I can find for a Hallows Eve out, I plan for months the tricks and treats to make my kiddos’ Halloween memorable.  I wouldn’t change it for the world, but each Halloween, these 10 things make me cringe: 

1. The cheap, made in China toys my child will get from gift bags, trick or treating, and fairs that I will subsequently find for the next 3 months in my washer, car and lodged in my foot.

2. My child changing costume choices 5 times up until the night of Halloween when he refuses to wear any of the overpriced costumes we bought.

3. Keeping extra tabs on toilet paper and eggs.

4. The no-name candy I must steal out of my child’s candy bag and hide deep in the trash.

5. The inability to walk my toddler by any sort of decoration skeletons without him going into full-fledged hyperventilation.

6. Candy corn.

7. Spending 40 minutes on my kid’s zombie makeup just to see it on my car’s seat and her hands.

8. My kid armed with a large knife to cut silly faces into a gourd…and then theirs looking 10x better than mine.

9. My kid catching a 10-second glimpse of Freddy Krueger and not sleeping for days after.

10. Constantly hearing “can I have candy” and “where’s my candy” for a week post-Halloween.