Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift

Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day Flowers from Lucky Cricket Boutique

Mother’s day is coming up fast. Our moms do so much for us, it can be hard to know what to do for them. Plus, the pressure to find “the perfect gift” can leave you so overwhelmed, you can’t decide! So we went right to the source, the moms, to find out what they want this Mother’s Day.

Jewelry: A locket with a family photo, a bracelet with each child’s birthstone, or a simple “Mom” necklace. Many moms suggested this gift at the top of their list. Timeless, classic and thoughtful; if your mom wears jewelry, you can’t go wrong.

Mommy & Me Photoshoot: Moms are usually behind the camera. Besides the goofy, awkwardly angled selfies, they often don’t get enough precious photos with their growing children. Most local photographers offer Mommy & Me photo sessions. Not only does Mom get an excuse to dress-up, but she will also have beautifully composed photos that will last a lifetime.

Momming-free Day: Don’t let mom lift a finger. Take her to breakfast with the kids, but you cut the pancakes. Do the dishes, take over bath-time, and pick up the toys. Tell the kids to leave mom alone and you’ll help with the homework. Just let mom relax and exist.

Sola Wood Flower Arrangements:  Giving already dead flowers is overrated. They look beautiful and cheerful on day 1, but by day 5, they’re limp, smelly and sitting in cloudy water. Plus, they’re pricy! Give a beautiful flower that will last forever.  Sola wood flowers are handcrafted, wood-formed flowers that never die. Purchase a bouquet or a custom-made wall piece. With a completely customizable design, Mom will never want a live flower again. Search “sola wood flower gift” on and check out your options.

Subscription Box: It’s hard to believe some of the subscriptions out there, from at-home facials to fruit, but with so many choices, there’s definitely a box to fit your Mom. The best part, it’s a small gift every month and a reminder that they’re loved and appreciated. Do a search online for “women’s subscription boxes” and discover one that will suit the mom in your life.

Give an Experience: Yes, you’ve heard it before, experiences make great gifts. It really is true! Think about it, you open a “gift” and it says “hey, here’s something really cool to do whenever you’re ready!” Who doesn’t love having experiences to look forward to? Memories from an experience stick with you for a long time too and give you timeless stories. Here are some local experiences you can arrange for Mom:

These gift ideas are sure to impress the moms in your life! The only downside, you’ll be known as the best gift-giver in the family!



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