Mommy Masterpieces

Mommy Masterpieces

Moms, the women who raised and crafted us, melt when they receive crafts from their little ones. Instead of buying a present for the mom in your life, craft some love this year.  An original craft to make would be a simple painting. Go buy paint supplies along with a little canvas for their Picasso piece.  One idea would be to place your baby/ toddler’s foot or hand in the paint and stamp it onto the canvas.

Want to make a flower popsicle creation? Take five popsicle sticks, paint, a paint brush, glue, a pom-pom and pipe cleaner.  Paint four popsicle sticks any color (these will be the petals). Glue two together forming an “X”; then do the same with the other two. Overlap both ‘til the petals are fanned-out and glue them together. Paint the last stick green and glue to the flower making a stem. Glue the pom-pom to the middle of the popsicle petals.  Cut the pipe cleaner in half and bend the halves forming leaves, then glue it to the stem.

Why not make a flower pot for mom too? Real or fake flowers, you know she’ll love the thought either way!  Buy a small flower pot, a piece of foam to fit inside and some silk flowers. If your child wants to give fresh flowers instead, then get potting soil instead, and have them pick some flowers from the yard or you can pick up a pack of seeds to have them plant. Let your child decorate the pot any way he likes! Use markers or paint to make the pot pop with color, and glue on odds and ends that they may find around the house for a truly unique creation.

Moms love anything that is given to them by their children, so, help your child explore their creative side and make something for mom from their heart and hands. Don’t forget to have them put the date and signature on their sentimental gifts.

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