Light Up Aquarium

Light Up Aquarium


  • Aquarium plants
  • Plastic sea creatures
  • Mason jars
  • Water with blue food coloring
  • submersible LED lights
  • Permanent Adhesive


Start by adding the plant before the gravel.  Push the plant to the side as you fill the jar with gravel. Do this in a circle, so that you cover all sides of the plant base. We filled ours about 1 1/2 to 2 inches tall.  If your plant is too tall for your jar, just snip it off. Next, it’s time to add your plastic sea creatures and seashells .Then, it’s time to slowly fill the jar with water. Tint your water with just a few drops of blue food coloring.  I wanted to keep it light, so you can see all the fun things in the jars. Now, grab the lights and use permanent adhesive to attach to them to the inside of the lid.  Add a dab of adhesive to the light and to the lid, then wait a couple minutes for both to get a little tacky.  Then, stick them together.  In just a few minutes they’ll be stuck. When you want to turn the light off, just unscrew the lid and flick that little switch.

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