Winter Wonderland Sparkly Icicles

Winter Wonderland Sparkly Icicles

Whether you want to decorate a window or a nook in your house, or you want to hang these from your tree, these easy little crafts are sure to put a twinkle in your eye.

Supplies for Winter Wonderland Sparkly Icicles:
Aluminum Foil
Silver Cord Thread
Blue And White
Fine Glitter


Start by cutting or tearing a piece of aluminum foil a bit longer than you want your icicle to be. Then tear off the lower corners to give a blunt triangle. This helps your icicle craft taper.

Now lay your triangle shiny side down and tie your cord into a knotted loop, and glue it to the top of your currently flat icicle, leaving the top part sticking out, of course.

Then carefully roll your foil into your icicle shape. Once it’s shaped, using a brush or your finger, smear glue on your icicle, and then sprinkle it will glitter and watch it sparkle!

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