Tips for New Moms | New Mom Survival Guide

Tips for New Moms | New Mom Survival Guide

Here is a collection of our favorite tips for new moms that may help make the first few weeks of your baby’s life seem more like smooth sailing, with a few bumps here and there, and less like stormy waters.

Get organized before baby arrives.  Create a specific spot for all the necessary items, like bottles and formula, bibs, and diapers. You will always know where that extra binky is, and if you clean as you go and put things back in their spot, they will be there at 2 a.m. when you need them! Also, being organized makes it easy for your friends and family who are helping out find what is needed. You may even want to plan ahead for when your help has left and it is time to fix meals on your own. Stock your freezer with some meals that will just need to be thawed and heated up.

Accept help from friends and family.  You will need to get plenty of rest those first few weeks of motherhood. Be the “queen for a month” and let others help with routine chores so you can focus on recovering from giving birth and bonding with your newborn.

Trust your instincts.  You will receive much well-intended advice but remember no two babies are exactly alike. Your baby is a unique individual and you know him better than anyone else, so trust your ‘sixth sense’ and contact the pediatrician if your baby does not seem to be feeling quite right. Also, don’t put advice given by friends and family into action without researching it first, since there is a chance it may be outdated.

Schedule?  What schedule?  Newborns are hungry individuasl who know nothing about being on a schedule. Feed your baby when he indicates he is hungry. For the first couple of months of your newborn’s life, your schedule will revolve around your newborn’s feedings. To ease the sleep deprivation that comes with multiple night time feedings, have dad help out. If your baby is breast fed, ask dad to change the baby and bring him to you when he wakes for that 2 am feeding. Sleep when your baby sleeps, even if it means leaving those dirty dishes in the sink. If you allow yourself to get some rest, you will have the energy to care for your baby when he is awake and needs you.

If your baby is fussy, don’t feel guilty about using a pacifier.  If your baby is breast-fed, you can introduce him to a pacifier once he has mastered latching on and he is gaining weight. Many newborns have a need to suckle for comfort, even when they are not hungry.

Consider using a sling or front carrier. Ask the pediatrician for advice on the use of newborn baby slings or front carriers. These items of baby gear are a sanity-saver for new moms whose fussy babies just don’t want to be put down, but there can be safety issues if they not used properly.

These tips for new moms are just a few of many to make the life of a new mother a bit easier. What tips do you wish you had as a new mother? Add them to our comments below!

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