Tips for a Healthy Marriage | Parenting and Marriage

Tips for a Healthy Marriage | Parenting and Marriage

Parenting young children can mean that every minute of your day feels spoken for, and it is all too easy to spend more time snuggling your precious baby than you spend snuggling your husband.  Keeping your marriage healthy should be top priority, though, since the well-being of children is greatly affected by the quality of their parents’ marriage. Here are a few tips for a healthy marriage while navigating the waters of parenthood.

Date night:  Yes, that date night takes much effort to arrange but it is quite important.  Date night is a time to discuss all the interests you share and reconnect.  Discussing the kids or household issues is off limits.  Can’t get out of the house?  Put the kids to bed early and have a romantic dinner.

Open and honest communication: This is the only way to truly keep in touch with what your spouse is feeling. Use ‘I feel…’ statements rather than ‘You…’, and if you have a disagreement, be respectful and reach a compromise.   Make a commitment to set aside a few minutes of time to talk with your spouse alone each day, being mindful that compliments and positive comments far outnumber the complaints.

Make an effort to stay intimate: Caring for a new baby around the clock can bring your sex drive to almost nothing, but taking the time to at least snuggle for a few minutes each day can help you reconnect with your spouse and keep the flame of romance alive. Don’t forget all the simple things you can do to be romantic even if there isn’t time to be intimate….send sweet text messages throughout the day, leave little notes behind, and do thoughtful things for each other.

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