Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Seasonal Maintenance Tips

The longer and warmer days of spring make it the perfect time for essential home maintenance tasks. These tasks give your home a fresh look for spring and protect the investment you have in your home.

  • Change your HVAC filter and remove leaves & weeds around your outdoor HVAC unit. If your system has not had a yearly tune up, consider scheduling one. Inspect caulking & weather stripping around windows & doors and replace any that is worn or missing. Save money by keeping cooled air from escaping.
  • Put fresh batteries in your smoke detectors and test them. Inspect your fire extinguisher to ensure it still has the proper pressure and is not damaged. Clean out lint and dust from dryer vents. Clogged vents could cause a house fire.
  • Pressure wash siding and inspect wood surfaces for peeling paint or bare spots where wood is showing. Remove any peeling paint. If you find any rotting wood, remove it and repair it with an epoxy wood filter. Sand, prime and repaint all the problem areas you found.
  • Clean the gutters out and look for any holes or cracks to be repaired with caulk. Re-attach any gutter hardware that has become loose or replace it with new hardware. It is important that gutters and downspouts effectively carry water away from the roof and foundation.
  • Check for roof damage. Use binoculars to view the roof and check for loose or missing shingles, loose flashing around the chimney and vents, or leaves that need to be cleaned off. Any problems should be addressed by a roofing professional or you may end up with water damage.
  • Inspect the structure of wood decks. Replace any nails that have popped up and look for any cracked, soft, or rotted wood that needs to be replaced. Handrails and steps should be secure, not wobbly. Once all repaired, pressure wash and remove any mildew with a wood cleaner. When deck is fully dry, then remove any stain that is flaking and apply a new stain or sealer.
  • Prep your lawn mower for the long season of grass cutting by cleaning the spark plug or, if needed, replacing it. Change the oil and air filter, and take the blade to the hardware store or lawn equipment repair shop to be sharpened.
  • Apply weed control to the lawn and plant grass seed if needed. Give flower beds a fresh look by removing old mulch and apply a fresh layer. Mulching shrubs and flowers properly helps control weeds and save on watering.

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