Highlight on Alley Cat Cafe: Coffee & Cattitude

Highlight on Alley Cat Cafe: Coffee & Cattitude

It has been all the rage in Taiwan for decades, and over 80 of them have popped up in Japan, Cat Cafés. It is a place where you can start your day off with your favorite things, cats and coffee. Are you purrplexed? Do you think we are kitten you? It’s furreal. It is a growing trend worldwide, and it is coming to Columbus. Local owners, Ally and Justin Lawson, were purr-suaded to open a cat café after experiencing one during their time stationed in the United Kingdom. Alley Cat Cafe is set to open in the Landings this fall; it will be the third cat café in the state of Georgia.

The café allows visitors to get all the perks of cats without any of the responsibility, and it’s pawsitive for the cats too. Not only for the frequent belly rubs and treats, but the cats are given a safe place to live. The café will host 10 cats within their cat room. Each cat is a “death row escapee” saved from local animal control. The non-profit, “Pat’s Rescue Cats,” evaluates the cats and decides who is a purrfect fit for the cat café, and also facilitates adoptions. The rescue looks for cats with playful purrsonalities that are extremely people-friendly.

Guests of Alley Cat Cafe can watch the cats behind a glass wall while enjoying Black Rifle Coffee and snacks. For a more meoworable experience, visitors can purchase a space in the cat room. Each hour, 12 customers can visit the cat room. The experience costs $12 per hour for adults and $7 for kids, and each visit includes a drink. The café will also offer frequent visitor packages. The fees collected will offset the cost of vetting, food and supplies.

For updates on opening, chances to win passes and more, visit Alley Cat Café at facebook.com/alleycatcafecolumbus. If you are interested in volunteering at the Cat Café, send an email to alleycatcafe@outlook.com.

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