Give the Gift of an Experience

Give the Gift of an Experience

Too often our kids are given items that get thrown to the side after a few minutes of play. Christmas gifts are the ultimate victims of this act. Your child can receive thirty new toys for Christmas, what is a child to do with so many new items? Throw them in a pile and move on! This holiday season give the gift of an experience! Here are some reasons why:

Provides long-lasting enjoyment:  Although a gift certificate, itinerary or brochure may not seem like a “wow!” gift for your child, the joy will last longer. A child will have the event or trip to look forward to after the holidays.

Memories to last: Although your child may seem to want that $50 Paw Patrol fire truck, the novelty is short-lived. Years from now, your child won’t remember who got that fire truck, or the way it made him or her feel. A trip to the zoo; however, will remain fresh in your child’s mind for years to come.

It’s a bonding moment: Not only are you giving your child a memory to last, but you’re also creating a bond to stay too. Yes, one can have vivid memories of baking with mom or fishing with dad, but unique experiences provide one-of-a-kind memories from a new environment. It gives you an opportunity to play with your child outside of the usual day-to-day parenting tasks.

It doesn’t need to be expensive: Your child will love having an experience saved for a day of boredom. Consider a $20 credit to Chuck E. Cheese or a gift card to a movie theatre. These kinds of experiences give your child some control of a “day out” and won’t break the bank.

Experiences can be wrapped:  If you’re concerned your child won’t have a physical gift to open when you gift an experience, wrap a “clue” or an accessory. For example, if you gift your child with jet-skiing at the beach, wrap a new bathing suit or suntan lotion with the certificate.

Here are some of our suggestions for local experiences:




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