DIY STRING ART: Ice Cream Cone

DIY STRING ART: Ice Cream Cone

String art has become a big thing in home decor lately, and it’s no wonder! It’s such a cute idea that lets your kids make something they can treasure for years to come.


Supplies for DIY String Art Ice Cream Cone
painted wood board (approx 5.5”x 13”)
wire nails
embroidery floss


Start by either drawing a design on your board, or going to their website to download and print a paper template to use.
Now let your littles hammer a nail at the top of the cherry and bottom of the cone to hold it in place, then go around nailing nails about 1/2” apart. When you’re done, pull off the template.
Time to start stringing! Pick a color and start on a section, and go until you get the coverage you want. Once you have all ice cream cone done, go back and outline the sections to give a more finished look. Then display your art proudly!

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