Benefits of Playing with LEGOs

Benefits of Playing with LEGOs

Columbus, GA’s very own Bricks n Minifigs offers hard to find LEGOs and a unique, small business shopping experience.

What are the benefits of playing with LEGOs?

When kids discover they have similar hobbies, parents know they’re likely to “disappear” for hours at a time sharing their common ground. That’s when a lot of social skill learning takes place: taking turns, division of labor, collaborating, nonverbal communication, cue-reading. Playing with LEGO blocks are no exception. In fact, studies show that LEGO play improves their child’s social skills. In “Social Behavior and Personality 1012,” researchers reported that LEGO block play increased social skills and trust in others. An interesting side note, it didn’t increase trust in themselves which requires more introspection.

Communication: Being able to join in a conversation and express feelings are important social skills. LEGO play improves these skills by reducing nervousness and anxiety.  In the study, although participants had not previously met each other, they communicated easily when using the blocks as a common medium.

In a study using LEGO blocks as therapy for autistic kids, the participants improved in their ability to start and continue social connections, while decreasing their aloofness and rigidity. They showed little interest in drills and exercises, but cooperated fully with skill building strategies when using LEGO blocks.

Trust of Others and Positive Feelings: Who isn’t in a good mood after positive social interactions? Kids are no exception. When they play together with LEGO blocks, they’re creating positive feelings toward others as a result of conversing and collaborating together.

LEGO play seems to benefit every age. As soon as children develop the coordination to put blocks together, they begin to benefit from playing with other builders. Columbus now features a new place for kids to get their LEGO fix with the recent opening of Bricks and Minifigs in The Landings. They offer a weekly open free play time. Check our calendar for details and their Facebook page.

How have LEGOs benefited your child?