Wood Slice Ornament

Wood Slice Ornament

This foolproof method of photo transferring creates beautiful, rustic ornaments!


  • Wood slices
  • Woven ribbon
  • Water transfer paper
  • Inkjet printer and printed out image
  • Craft glue
  • paint brush


Resize your images so they’ll fit on the wood slices. Print them out on the water transfer paper. Place your wood slice over the image and trace around using a pen. Place the image on top of the wood slice and trim it more, if necessary.

Submerge your images in a 1” deep pan of water. After 1 minute the image will separate from the paper backing. The water transfer paper needs adhesive on porous surfaces (like wood). Brush some glue on the wood slices and place the images on top. Let dry. The images are transparent when they are wet, but they dry opaque.

Drill a hole in the top. String the woven ribbon through and tie a knot.

Note: Read the directions on your water transfer paper. It may require different steps