9 Fun Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

9 Fun Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Education experts have known for some time that kids who don’t go to school year-round experience summer learning loss. The good news is there are ways to reduce your child’s summer learning loss such as these fun activities.

  1. Keep ‘em reading. Chattahoochee Public Libraries offer an array of summer programs for kids. Take your kids to the library for special programs and books to read.
  2. Play word, money, number and logic games. Look for board, video and computer games, that have won educational awards. Also, search online for ideas for boardless games that don’t require materials.
  3. Incorporate learning into your travel. Look for science centers, history museums and historical sites to build into your trip.
  4. Summer journaling. Give your kids a journal to write in and let them know it’s their private journal to encourage your child to invest more time into it.
  5. Messy science. Summer is the perfect time to do experiments outdoors. Pick up a kids’ science experiment book. Your child will learn just from reading about the different experiments. Then they’ll have a blast pulling experiments off.
  6. Summer camp. Look for one with a strong emphasis on learning activities to help your child in a particular subject or interest.
  7. Baking and cooking. Have your kids choose a recipe to make. Then have them make half or triple the batch and calculate the measurements.
  8. Form a book club. Kids of similar ages can choose one book to read each week. Then they can meet to talk about the book they read.

Another option, especially for younger kids, requires more parent involvement. Create a log so each child can keep a record of the books they’ve read. Then hold a pizza party for the participants. Give out certificates and inexpensive prizes to all the participants and award a winner. 

  1. Workbooks or puzzle books. Give your child one for the grade your kid just finished in school. Another option is puzzle books. Consider mathematical, logic, word search, crossword puzzle books and more.

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