How to select a learning app for MATH

There are a large variety of math apps that provide a fun way to practice and improve your child’s math skills. Here are some traits to look for when selecting one:

  1. The math app presents the math fact using a three-step process. The student is first asked to answer the problem, then if the incorrect answer is given the correct answer is displayed, and then the student is asked to try the problem again.
  2. The lessons build upon one another and the student must master a math fact before moving on to the next one.
  3. The app is able to identify points of trouble for your child that need review.


This makes math fun by turning it into a fantasy-based game. Students can learn at their own pace and you can access a report that will identify any weaknesses in their math skills.  

Grades 1 – 8

Free (Android, iOS, Chromebook)


This app targets the areas of math where your child needs extra practice, provides a customized lesson for him, and tracks his progress. Parents can view a report of these strengths and weaknesses and review progress.

Grades preK – 8 

Free, with in-app purchases (Android, iOS)

Rocket Math App:

The space travel theme of this game makes the review of math facts fun. The game has 10 tracks to choose from, and within each track, there are 26 levels (A – Z). When your child does not know the answer, Mission Control will assist with the answer and then ask your child to answer it again on his own. Parents can monitor the progress their child is making in the learning track selected.

Grades 1 – 5

Can register for free trial before purchasing (iOS)


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