Keepsake Handprint Hand Towel

Keepsake Handprint Hand Towel

Two white or cream tea towels
Red, yellow, orange and dark brown fabric paint
Paper plate
Foam paintbrush
Thin tip paint brush


Pour a quart size blob of each paint onto your paper plate. With your foam brush,  paint your child’s hand with red, yellow or orange paint. Press their hand onto the towel. Choose different colors to paint their hand and press it into the towel at different angles. Repeat this until both towels are covered in hand prints.

Take the thin paintbrush and outline all the handprints with the brown paint. To make the leaves veins you will paint a thin line down the palm of the handprint. Off of that line, you will need to make smaller lines going off the side on an angle.

Allow the paint to completely dry before use. Follow the directions on your fabric paint when washing your towels.

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