Gift Guide for “Hard to Buy For” Adults

Gotta get a gift for the brother-in-law you only see on the holidays? Or your 20-year-old niece that keeps her head in her phone at every family gathering? Here are some of our suggestions for the hard-to-gift adult.


For the young reader or a family of Potter heads

this beautifully illustrated box set of Harry Potter books makes a perfect gift. A little over your budget? The books are also available individually.
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For unicorn lovers or a white elephant exchange

like pixie dust, but squishier! Capture the magic of unicorns with this hilarious stress relief toys for all ages! Stress will ooze right through your fingers.
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 For the griller of the family, who will eat anything with a bit of char

Is your griller proud of their steaks, burgers and dogs? Do they deserve some grilling recognition? This personalized brander is like a Grammy for those that take grilling seriously.
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For the minimalist…especially a grandparent giving things away

Know someone that’s part of a confused melting pot? Give them some direction with a 23andMe ancestry kit! Plus, if they’re family, it’s a gift for you too!
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For the hard to buy young adult 

In an age of Instagram and Snapchat, pictures are getting printed less and less. Give this polaroid camera for instant printed memories.
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For someone in need of rest and relaxation…or with cold feet.

The Comfort Products Shiatsu foot massager is designed to ease aching and sore feet. The massager features a soothing heat therapy that can be used with or without the massage.’
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For a friend with a lot on their mind

Designed for breaking down nagging thoughts into actionable steps, the pages of this guided journal are filled with quotes that help put worrying in perspective. Each entry page has a perforated “worry corner” to tear off when a worry is resolved.
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For the dog lover

Bring a little humor to the office with this dog shaming calendar! Filled with pups with questionable actions, it’s a great piece to bring smiles to the whole office.
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For the guy with the beasty beard

Help him step up is beard game with a fancy beard brush & comb! Voted “Amazon’s Choice.”
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