Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is upon us again and so is the struggle to pick the perfect present for the special father in your life. I know finding the right gift is no easy task, as most dads already have their obtainable wants and needs, but the key to gift giving is to find something they didn’t know they needed that will add a little something special to their lives. Here are some ideas, big and small, for gift giving this Father’s Day:

Subscriptions: It’s hard to believe some of the subscriptions out there, from coffee beans to comic books, there’s a box to fit your Dad. The best part, it’s a small gift every month and a reminder that they’re loved and appreciated. Do a search online for “men’s subscription boxes” and see what you discover.

Daddy & Me: One of the best Father’s Day gifts I have given was a set of matching Red Sox hats from Lids for Father and son, monogrammed with their last name on the side. Dad has a ton of pride in his last name, son and his baseball team. These hats can be made same day. If football is more your man’s style, find a custom jersey made by his favorite team.

Practical: Sometimes we really over think our gift giving and it’s unnecessary. The best gift can be a simple, yet special treat, like a gift card to his favorite restaurant or a certificate to detail his vehicle. Perhaps his bicycle is in need of a tune-up, or his wallet is worn and tearing. It really is the thought that counts, so consider what could improve dad’s day-to-day life.

Give an Experience: Yes, you’ve heard it before, experiences make great gifts. It really is true! Think about it, you open a “gift” and it says “hey, here’s something really cool to do whenever you’re ready!” I love having experiences to look forward to. Memories from an experience stick with you for a long time too and give you timeless stories. Here are some local experiences you can arrange for Dad:

These gift ideas are sure to impress the dads in your life! The only downside, you’ll be known as the best gift giver in the family!