Springtime Purge | Clothes Donations in Columbus, GA

Springtime Purge | Clothes Donations in Columbus, GA

Spring has arrived! Time to open up those windows, plant some flowers and clean! Clorox and Windex can only do so much for cleansing your home, the real renewal comes when one decides to purge. Purging is the act of ridding yourself of unwanted or unneeded items. The benefits of purging are immense! If you decide to sell unwanted items, there’s money in your pocket. If you donate the items, you get the satisfaction of a good deed. Plus, the ultimate benefit: all that new found space.

So where do you start? If you’re like me, you have closets full of clothes that are no longer worn. If your child is like mine, he/she has a closet full of outgrown clothes, forgotten toys, and baby accessories no longer needed.

Step 1: Open up a closet, and one-by-one look through the clothing and accessories. Don’t try to organize it, just piece through what’s inside. As you’re sorting through the items, pull any items you can’t recall wearing in the past two years—if you haven’t needed it or it hasn’t fit in that long, it doesn’t need to be in your closet.  Also ask yourself, does this bring me joy? If it doesn’t, take it out.

Tip: If you have “skinny” clothes taking up space until you lose those few extra pounds, get rid of them. Reward your weight-loss with new, in-style clothing.

Step 2: Check these unneeded clothes and accessories for imperfections, such as fraying, small holes, light stains, etc. If the items are in like-new condition, sell them. If they have small imperfections, donate them. If they have seen better days, trash them.

Step 3: This step is crucial. Pack the items in a bag or container and put them to your car. If the clothes or accessories don’t leave your house, they’ll make their way to the corner of the closet, in the garage, or under the bed. You’ll be haunted by these clothes until next Spring. The best thing you can do is donate or sell to a 2nd hand shop the same day you purge.

Repeat these steps for each closet in your home. Try to purge your child’s toys when they aren’t home to resist. If you’re feeling nostalgic about those baby clothes, repurpose them into blankets or doll clothes.

Remember: Only sell or donate toys worth playing with, if your child rejected a toy because of missing parts or broken features, trash it.

When you’re finished, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to spring into organizing with new found space.

Places to Sell Adult Clothes in Columbus GA:

Clothes Mentor
2505 Airport Thruway C, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 940-0309

Plato’s Closet
5592 Whitesville Rd d, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 494-8101

New For You Consignment Boutique
4405 Armour Rd a, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 660-9999

Second Time Around
2111 Manchester Expy, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 327-7065

Places to Sell Children’s Clothing in Columbus, GA:

Mickayla’s Place
2401 Whittlesey Rd, Columbus, GA 31909
(706) 221-1154

Once Upon a Child
2521 Airport Thruway, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 507-3737

Lil Rascals Resell & Boutique
9593 Lee Road 246, Smiths Station, AL 36877
(706) 575-9707

Places to Donate Clothes in Columbus, GA:

Salvation Army
615 Manchester Expy, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 322-0482

Valley Rescue Mission
101-B 30th Street, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 320-9567

 6499 Veterans Pkwy # C, Columbus, GA 31909
 (706) 324-1330