Being Your Kid’s Role Model

If you have already begun considering your goals for the next year, there is one that should be included near the top of your list – being a good role model for your kids. One of the most effective ways to teach your kids the traits you wish them to embrace is to model them yourself. Here are some traits that will help your child in both his endeavors throughout childhood and as an adult.

  • Living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself. In the past year, have you made an effort to eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep?  If not, make that a focus in the coming year. If your child watches you eat too many sweets and never sees you exercise, getting her to eat healthy and get moving will be a hard sell.
  • A willingness to learn and grow. It is never too late to learn something new or grow a skill you already have. Let your kids see you take the time to invest in yourself and build your skill set, and they will be more likely to want to do the same.
  • Navigating difficult situations with grace and treating others with kindness and respect, no matter what. It can be easy to lose your cool when you are forced to interact often with the same rude neighbor or to have to deal with a frustrating situation that just seems to drag on even though you are doing your best to resolve it. Stand up to rudeness without showing disrespect and approach a difficult situation with compassion and empathy for the others involved. Most of all, model perseverance and do not back down from your morals. It will be hard to encourage your kids to persevere if they see you walk away from a challenging situation instead of taking it on.
  • A strong work ethic, balanced with keeping commitments to family and friends. Get your work done, without procrastination and to the best of your ability, but stick to your word when you promise to spend time with your kids.

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