Back to School Blues

Back to School Blues

The new school year has started, and every parent wishes their student to have a successful school year. If your child still seems to be struggling to adjust to his new routine and new classroom, here are some troubleshooting tips to get him back on track.

Adjust your child’s sleep schedule

During the summer, your child may deviate greatly from his school routine. A lack of sleep can affect your child’s performance in the classroom and his behavior. If he is still having trouble going to bed early enough to get the sleep he needs, try pushing back ‘lights out’ time a few minutes each night. Have him put away electronics an hour before bedtime.

Get your child’s meals back on a schedule

During the summer, your family may have gone to a more casual meal schedule while on the go and while away on vacation. Nutrition is important for success in school so return your child to a more structured meal schedule. A nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, & dinner with small snacks in between meals will keep your child’s body fueled and his mind ready to learn.

Don’t overreact to ‘My teacher is mean!’

Ask your child to explain why he feels this way and ask for details on why he feels his teacher is ‘mean.’ Most likely, his teacher has a more demanding teaching style than he would like. This is an opportunity to teach your child how to adjust to working with someone who has high expectations. However, if you feel your child is being treated unfairly, schedule a meeting with the teacher. Avoid putting the teacher on the defensive by starting the meeting with a positive comment, such as ‘Let’s work together to find a solution to John’s concern.’ Only approach the principal as a very last resort.

Don’t tolerate bullies

If your child dreads going to school each day and you suspect he is the target of a bully, choose a time when he is calm (not right after school) and ask him about what is going on. Bring any bullying to the attention of the school administration.

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